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I explore places of Urbex/Hauntings/Historic all over Canada. My goal is to be a successful youtuber and also film locations in the US and hopefully one day other countries in the world. Your pledge matters, it inspires us to push forward, bring you more new exciting content of what you the viewer might enjoy ! So not only are we in this for ourselves but everyone else as well , we are constantly inviting new people on our adventures and have made more friends and fans because of this . Your pledge means we can possibly visit new and exciting places you and others wish to see , chat one on one with me or a member of my crew on podcast as we wish to connect with others who enjoy the hobby themselves and cover travel expenses we may endure while trying to bring you new content. For this we thank you ! And hope you will continue with your support as it is what fuels us and drives us to give you more entertainment and hopefully new friendships along the way as well . :)  
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When I reach $500 per month, I’ll start a special podcast series where I interview 1 patron every month.I will also create a very special episode and give a gift , a piece of photography which you can do whatever you chose with from the adventure .
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