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About The Export Audio Podcast Network

Hello! Welcome to the Patreon for the Export Audio Podcast Network. We are a group of friends who like making podcasts, and have banded together to provide a hub through which you, our faithful listeners, can lend us your support. Podcasting isn't free, and we have put a lot of ourselves into the things we create. Allow us to briefly outline some of the things we make here on the network!

  • Export Audio is the best fucking podcast on the internet. Starring Autumn and Nora!
  • Duneiversity is a podcast all about Dune and also worms. Starring Josie and Ray!
  • Halcyon Station is a Star Wars actual play anthology, GMed by Nora, starring Vida, Alice, and Riley! Art by Alice, music by Hazel, and edited by Autumn! We are currently playing Songs for the Dusk by Kavita Poduri & Quinn Bleiler!
  • No Look Pass is a comedy basketball podcast hosted by 3 nonbinary friends who don't know what they're talking about. Starring Autumn, Riley, and Michael!
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For $1 a month, you will have access to Import Audio! We mess things up sometimes, and our lovely editor saves the salvageable bits and sew them together into an animated corpse of comedy!

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For $20 a month, you will receive all previous benefits as well as monthly flash fiction from the world of Halcyon Station! Toli's favorite recipes, Nova's diary, whatever we come up with each month!

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