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About Rook

Hello, I'm Rook! I work as a professional science communicator, and when I'm not doing that I make art about nature, monsters, fantasy, and folklore.

Some of this work is non-fiction, including educational zines like Existentially Distressing Plant Facts (the worst botany publication you've ever read), and some of it is fantasy, like the upcoming Dead Dog Hymnal (a comic about myth, death, and dubious wildlife).

I also make and share illustrations on TwitterTumblr, and Instagram (all under the name EXRook) about pretty much everything in between.

This stuff is and always will be available for free. I care a lot about sharing the work that I do, fact and fiction alike, with anyone who's interested in seeing it. That's not something I ever plan to change. But it does mean that I have to work alongside part-time jobs and commissions, which means that progress on my personal projects is steady but slow.

I would love to be able to give this kind of work more time and attention, and I hope Patreon will let me do exactly that. If you like what I do, this is a great way to help me do more of it.

If you're interested in other ways of supporting my work, I've started making wearable art like bracelets and pins, which you can buy over at the Corvid Collection shop. If you like my illustrations in particular, you can check out my commission information. There's also the option to give a one-time donation any time you download a free game or zine. Lastly, you can follow my work on social media, tell me your thoughts, and share it with others. I'm deeply grateful for all of it.