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I'm not sure why you should pledge to me. I don't do anything special. I don't think my content is worth paying for, and I sometimes go through long periods where I don't put out any new videos. I can't promise that my content would improve or become more frequent either if I made money from it. However, many people on youtube have a patreon, including those with small channels, and sometimes I wonder if my initial hesitation to create a patreon has anything to do with gender or having too much self doubt. Maybe some people would view it differently and think I'm worth giving money to. Probably not, but doesn't hurt to have a patreon just in case one day someone might think so.
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I don't make any money off of ad revenue, but I like the idea of possibly annoying those I dislike by making them watch ads if they decide to view my videos. If I achieve this goal, I will get rid of all ads despite the slight pleasure it brings.
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