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Extropic Novitiates receive a back-page link to book coaching and oracle reading services for $10 less per service than non-vitiates. They also receive access to monthly readings specific to the EE patreon community!

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Extropic Intermediates receive all of the benefits of Extropic Novitiates, with the additional benefit of being able to participate in monthly live webinars. Extropic Intermediates may email their questions prior to the webinar and have their questions addressed during the webinar. 

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Advanced Esotericos receive all benefits of the previous two tiers, including access to the monthly webinars alongside the Extropic Intermediates. However, unlike the Intermediates, Advanced Esotericos will be able to participate live during the webinars, ask their questions, and be promoted to "co-host" status in the Zoom app. 




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About Extropic Esoterica

Hi! I'm Sean, and this is the Patreon account for my ascension coaching/life coaching business, Extropic Esoterica. My vision is to give a wider range of people access to professional guidance as they navigate their personal journeys of ascension and higher integration. I have 13+ years of life coaching experience, and I am a state-certified Qualified Mental Health Professional for Adults. I am also a Reiki master, with additional training in Psychic Protection through DamselFly Magic, LLC and Twin Flame Body healing through Twin Flames Merge. I am gifted in light language, clairaudience, clairsentience, and the abilities to see and move energy. I received my Sacred Heart activation and fully entered 5th dimensional consciousness in August 2018. 

I offer paid services and digital download products through my website, extropicesoterica.com. However, I wanted to launch a Patreon account to give viewers of my content an opportunity to access more direct involvement, even if they do not have the surplus income to book private sessions. Additionally, I am producing a lot of content geared toward helping the Ascension and Twin Flame communities achieve greater awareness, process collective karma, and reach "higher ground" together. Although some of my content is geared toward promoting my products and services, the vast majority of my Youtube efforts will be dedicated toward the mission of producing content that the greater community will find to be intrinsically valuable and enlightening. Additional support through Patreon is greatly appreciated, as it will enable me to produce more of this type of content. Please watch my Intro Video for more information! 
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