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Hello, I'm E.X. Weis.

I write and draw with a focus on various sci-fi sub genres. My main focus right now is on cyberpunk. I am currently writing two cyberpunk novels (the first drafts of both are finished; I wrote them for NaNoWriMo2014 and 2018). Once I get further along with those projects I might start posting them a chapter at a time with a piece of artwork. Which reminds me...

I love drawing.  I used to draw all the time. Then I entered a period of my life where I felt like the world was discouraging me from doing that. I've since discovered that drawing is vital for my mental health. Unfortunately, I did not start drawing again until late last year (2018) and I immediately realized I was going to have to re-learn and practice the fundamentals. Get ready to see some real garbage is what I'm saying.

I plan on posting short stories and art here more regularly once I have finished my Master's degree. So look forwards to that!

To summarize:
  • The quality of the content that I post here is going to vary considerably
  • It's going to be both drawings (traditional and digital) and writing (short and long form)
  • Posts will be sporadic until my degree program is over (but that's very soon!)
Thank you so much if you choose to support me and my work. I hope you find some of it enjoyable.

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