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is creating art (photography, painting and code)

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Who am I?
I am an artist who works with a variety of media including code, photography, illustration and painting. My work has been shown internationally.

You can find more about my art at eyluldogruel.com.

Edit backlog / Art with Open Source
I also post regularly azbulutlu.org. My twice a week regular "edit backlog" posts are art or photography that has been stuck in my list of things to do. Sometimes they are pieces created toward a larger body of work, other times they are one off ideas that do not quite fit into larger projects.

Now that I can devote more time and have a dedicated domain set up, I will also have occasional tutorials and blog post that goes more in depth on how these works are created, with a focus on the role of open source software in my work.

My posts are mirrored here at patreon and mirrored/linked elsewhere in social media (currently on mastodon and instagram.)

I am a free and open source software enthusiast and I prefer to use open source software in my work when possible. My current linux distribution of choice is Ubuntu Studio.

I believe it is possible to create art without selling or restricting access to it. Your support will allow me to continue creating content for you. Even the smallest contribution helps.

Many of the tiers also have signed print perks as a small thank you for your continued support.

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Every month this goal is met, I will release at least one full-resolution photograph or illustration with CC BY license.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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