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Hello World,

I'm Ezekiel, I love cows, pies and Mars. I'm also a freelance journalist and writer as well as soon to be published author and struggling author.

My debut novel, a YA Fantasy Fiction is coming soon!

Writing is the most important thing to me.  I've been writing since I was 5 and I don't know how to do anything else frankly. I love writing fiction, non-fiction and short stories. Where I can create new characters, worlds and adventure but I also fell in love with journalism at University. I found new ways to write stories, I love interviewing people on a variety of subjects, I love researching and I love writing about local news and arts and theatre. Nothing makes me happier or more fulfilled.

This year I have big goals such as making my site Culture Gecko more prolific and visible, focusing on an exclusive series where we explore the TV series that should have gotten the reboots, revivals, that the other more popular and well known series are getting instead.

I would also like to save up, get a a new laptop and move back to Vancouver.

Ideally, about 2,000 per month would allow me to work and live without struggling  

My career in freelance is HARD but I love it. It is is my love and passion. Anything helps whether money for coffee or a pie.

Thank you!

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