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About Fancy Fairy Wings & Things

I'm a full time iridescent fairy wing maker, providing realistic wings to all fairies born without them. I've been bringing people's fairy dreams to life since 2003 and had no idea this would become my full time career, but now I can't really imagine doing anything else.
My work has been featured in ways I thought I could only dream of, such as having my wings worn by Victoria's Secret Angels in the 2014 - 2015 fashion shows

Worn by Katy Perry for an H&M holiday video

And, by Nashville star Clare Bowen

Funds from Patreon will help support the creation of tutorials, tips and tricks related to fairy cosplay, digital design content, as well as more creative fairy photo shoots.
It will also support me in the unpaid research and development time needed for new products, such as fairy themed jewelry, enamel pins / charms, digital items, Second Life™ wings and more.

I'm now making more elaborate wing art with more work going into each set, designs that I am passionate about. I've discovered I'm more an artist than a large business or production company and I'm happier working this way.
Creating innovative designs & new techniques is what motivates me, and I have more ideas and visions for faerie art than I can count. In fact I recently registered over 60 different designs to be incorporated into accessories, yet to be manifested for you. It's not exactly the most profitable business model however, and the last couple years under this new presidential administration has made things tougher for me. I am hoping Patreon might fill in some of those gaps and allow me to create the things I've been dreaming of and still be able to pay rent while I'm creating new designs or techniques.

I will not stop creating & selling wings!
But for now I think the community craves more information on DIY projects and connection so I want to give back, and don't want to leave out those who can't afford to purchase product.
You will only be charged once I provide content, so if there are times I can't provide content, you pay nothing.

Fair warning, I am openly supportive of progressive and liberal activism and participate in it myself so you may see content concerning human rights issues once in a while here due.

*Note - If you're here for a mechanical flapping wing tutorial, that project is on hold indefinitely, we are looking into other options besides a tutorial here.
I can tell you they run on an Arduino, powered by AA batteries, 2 servo motors make the wings flap. For some of you that may be all you need to know if you're familiar with electronic & mechanical projects, but I will definitely make an update here if that moves forward.

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