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My name is Rob.  I am the owner of Fag.Org.

I purchased the domain in 1997 and used it for fun and vanity purposes on what was the most common place to chat at the time, IRC aka Internet Relay Chat.

Over the years I began to open up about my political views and came out a second time as a more conservative minded adult in the gay community.  This put me at odds with the majority of people in the gay community that demonize the conservative movement unjustly.  As a result it became hard to get any support from people around me because they viewed me as a social pariah.  I was attacked online and in person as a self loathing, anti-gay, 'hate speech' driven individual.

Speaking out about the ills of the LGBT community was very unpopular.  Talking about topics of the older gay community intentionally pushing poor values on the younger gay community.  Talking about how the gay community was very predatory and deceitful.  Talking about the overall immorality of the community.  These were topics that no one wanted to hear.

The best example I can offer is at the time the AIDS/HIV epidemic was at a peak.  Young people were dying in their 20's and many were killing themselves or even doing the unthinkable.  Intentionally getting themselves infected with HIV as if it would relieve the stress of catching it accidently because of unsafe sexual practices.  The gay community ignored this epidemic and as a result, friends of mine that were in the medical field watched one young gay person after another dying of a horrible disease.

The name of the domain has always upset people because they think that a word somehow has power.  It is not a word that has power but the person that allows something to take away their own sense of empowerment.

I bought the domain to keep it out of the hands of someone that would use it to abuse the LGBT community.  Now that I have time I would very much like to build a site that gives others like myself a voice in the gay community on our terms without filters and without being censored because people dislike the language and subjects.

Thank you for your interest.
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When we reach $100 a month we'll be able to purchase the hosting for the website and bring up a brand new site for the community to read original content from LGBT authors from all over the world.
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