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About Faid Eyren

                                                   Hi, everyone!
   I'm Faid Eyren, a cosplayer from the sunny city of Odessa, Ukraine!
Currently I live in Tokyo and visit most of the big conventions here.

Since childhood I've loved the idea of dressing up as my favorite characters even without knowing the word for "cosplay". Officially my cosplay path started in 2008.

                                                    About me:
 I really love to bring my fave characters into life. Cosplay is not just a hobby, but an important part of my life - because of it I found lots of new friends all over the world and learned a lot of new things. Besides cosplay I'm travel obsessed, love watching tv shows, anime, good movies and read books. Also I play games, such as OW, FF and some oldschool RPGs.

 In cosplay I prefer characters and fandoms that really touched me. Also I cosplay rare, non popular fandoms - for me respect to a good source is much more important than hype and popularity.
My favorite characters are: Horo, Lacus Clyne and Mercy.

                                                 Creation of Patreon: 
   I chose Patreon as an opportunity to make more complex projects and post different cosplays more often. Also it will motivate me to create more special content for my fans!

 You can also find me here:
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