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 Welcome, Bowmacolytes. You have joined my wacky world, and I am most, most grateful that I have your support. First and foremost, you will get my unwavering gratitude for all eternity for providing me with the opportunity to express myself creatively. You will also get:

a. Access to patron-only posts

b. Connect with other patrons and Twitch subscribers on my Discord Server!

c. Provide direct feedback on content

d. Questions prioritized for Q&As

e. Birthday shout-out on social media!

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You are a Bowmeplicant. You have lived off-world, but now, you’ve come back to Earth to help me! Just don’t try and find Tyrell; it doesn’t end well. I cannot do anything about your inevitable Voight-Kampff test, but I CAN provide ALL of the above as well as:

a. Early Access to NEW MUSIC/CONTENT

b. Follow Fridays – give me your social media handle – I’ll shout you out at the end of videos, posts, or streams!

c. Have a Twitch? I will add you to my auto-host list!

d. Suggest games for me to play on Twitch!

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You are a Bowmombi, an evil prince/princess in Oz: and when you aren’t switching your heads to a more beautiful one, you have decided to share some of your Powder of Life to enrich a lowly bard in her quest in the arts. While I can’t offer you MY head, what I CAN offer you is all the above PLUS: 

a. You get EXCLUSIVE content NOT available to the public, including my forthcoming monthly Podcast and EXTRA Storytimes/Outtakes!

b. You become a member of the reboot of the FBPPC – Fallon Bowman Pen Pal Connection. Forget email guys: we will correspond sending old-ass letters with frikkin’ wax seals. Brush up on your penmanship: ain’t no emojis ‘round here! Let’s exchange letters, quirky art, and my favourite: found weird objects! 

c. Signed Photos from me!

d. Amphibious Assault sticker

Includes Discord rewards
Fox Bowlders
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You are Fox Bowlder, an alien-loving, sister-missing, Scully-loving FBI Agent whose latest X-File is on a possibly skin-changing musician to whom you have been assigned to "follow and support" on this platform to monitor her possible ties to...aliens. I will not reveal my connections, but I WILL provide you with all the above PLUS:

a. An invite to a bi-weekly CrowdCast TRIVIA NIGHT! Winners will get little prizes!

Includes Discord rewards
Bowmo Baggins
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You are Bowmo Baggins, a long-lost cousin of one Frodo Baggins of Hobbiton. No one knows where the hell you came from, but your first bit of business in the Shire is to help me, a jolly bard plucking her mandolin at the Green Dragon. While I cannot promise to take you on any adventures against Orcs and Dragons, I CAN provide you with all of the above PLUS: 

a. Send me your stuff that you want signed – it will get here and be sent BACK AGAIN. (get it???)

b. Exclusive Merch – Hoodies, Tees!

c. A Thank you shoutout in the liner notes of my next record!

Includes Discord rewards
Bow Pans
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You are Bow Pan, an otherworldly demon-spirit from Chinese mythology who has married a girl (actually, two) with green eyes to satisfy your sovereign Emperor (INDEEED!). Now that you are flesh, you have decided to spend your wealth and share your power with a non-green eyed musician who you may banish someday to the hells below, but for now...while I cannot help you appease your god any further, (you are already flesh, Master!), I can give you all of the above PLUS:

a. a PERSONAL Q&A Video! You ask me 10 questions, I have to answer them! (posted on Social Media). 

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About Fallon Bowman

Welcome to my Patreon page. My name is Fallon Bowman, and would call myself an “entertainer” first and foremost. I like to create things that move people, whether it be physically, or emotionally.
This is a place where fans of my music, streams, and YouTube content can come together and hangout and bask in each other’s awesome awesomeness. 

What’s exciting is that you will become a part of a small community of folks that not only like my music (the common thread that weaves most of you together) but also share in some of my interests like travel, geeky things, pop culture, and gaming, because who doesn't LOVE that stuff though, srsly. (I already know a lot of you are on the same page as me!)

Please look at the tiers on the side for the kinds of things I will produce if you join the Bowmacolyte family. Perks will be dynamic and respond to the growing community. The look and feel will continue to upgrade, and I will always been looking for ways to create fun content. I appreciate your help and support, and I send my love and appreciation to you, in the creepiest way possible. 

What are the benefits of becoming a patron?
Aside from the benefits of being any of the tiers on the right hand side, you are making it possible for me to pursue what I love to do, which is create. I often have so many competing priorities, and nothing gives me more joy than being creative, whether that means making music, videos, or streaming me yelling at stuff because I am so badly coordinated. You become part of something so special because I am doing it all for you.I am like the bard in every Skyrim tavern just plucking away singing about Dragonborn-tings, and you are making that happen. 

Where is my money going?
  • Equipment upgrades for music: I have had the same computer since 2008. I desperately need a new one to create more complicated compositions and have a home setup that will up my game. I find this is one of my biggest hurdles for productivity. I would like to release an Amphibious Assault album this year, so your support would lend to that as well. 
  • Equipment upgrades for the streams: Oh man, I really really need this guys. I would be so grateful for you help!
  • Equipment upgrades for videos: I really like doing storytimes, and I know many of you have really enjoyed my travel videos and storytimes. I want to do more of them but I need more reliable equipment. Your contributions will help me make better quality videos of my madness. Who DOESN’T want to contribute to my madness?
  • I will continually upgrade tier perks, and listen to your requests/ideas!
$578 of $1,000 per month
A STUPENDOUS milestone!
If I make it to $1000/month, how can I thank thee?
This will enable me to begin producing higher quality YouTube videos with a better studio setup (with new camera, better video editing software) and (actual) STUDIO LIGHTS!

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