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About Corey Shin

I'm false, and I create entertainment videos for the smash community. Smash Bros. is my passion, and it's the reason that I got into videography and editing in the first place. whether it range from trailers, tutorials, vlogs, skits, or combo videos, I always try to provide the best in terms of visual quality and production. I've always been looking to improve my technique over the years so that I can provide some of the best looking videos that Smash Bros. content has to offer.

here in my Patreon you guys can help support my creative journey. the unfortunate thing about YouTube's algorithm is that it heavily favors those who are able to put out multiple videos a week. in short, quantity > quality. for entertainers and other YouTube personalities, this is not necessarily a problem as the quality of work derives more from the 'topic' and not the visual quality itself. that's why a lot of these creators will hire editors. conversely, I pride myself in visual creativity and I AM my own editor. sometimes, I'll spend over hundreds of hours editing a video for the sake of the quality. keep in mind that I never allow copyright songs to interfere with my creative process. this means that whenever I have a video idea, it usually is paired with an audio track that I have plans for. therefore, even if a song is copyright and I may not make revenue from it at all, I always choose to upload it. as a result, I have a lot of conditions that don't mesh well with YouTube's expectations in making a profitable margin.

I hope you'll come and help support me on my journey as I try to take my VFX to the next level. with Smash Ultimate right around the corner, I'm excited to start many new projects.

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