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5. Failure to comply with the rules above will result in either a warning or a ban. 

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Hey guys! Welcome to my Patreon page.
Patreon is a service I have considered using for quite some time now so I decided to take the idea.

As you guys know I have been looking into ways of which I can increase my available recording time. There are a number of different options available to me:

- Home studio: This would allow me to have more ways of recording and more time editing by the support you guys bring to me.

- House Studio: This would allow me to heavily improve the equipment that I already have. Has a high upfront cost, but works out fairly cheap in the long run (despite needing to constantly upgrade the equipment). Items that are currently on the list are: PC, Monitors, proper sound proofing, external drive storage, Secondary Microphone, powerful portable laptop.

- More info: Basically I will be able to record more and make more videos because of your support goes into better graphics, editing and time to be with other players like YOU.

But honestly, I don't want to talk about money anymore, it's boring. This is an outlet that allows those of you who wish to support me in the creation of future content to do so without too much hassle. I hope you like it!
0% complete
When this goal is met I can finally open the private server that you patreon's can join on!
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