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About Family Photo Tech

Photos should be easy to find and enjoy

I’m a professional technologist who loves taking pictures. When my son was born, I started filling up my iPhone. Soon I started using GoPros and even professional cameras, constantly taking pictures of our trips and our family. Our whole family enjoys going through these memories together all the time, anywhere we are. But early on I had an epiphany.
Shortly after our first child was born, my wife told me she had no idea how to find any of our family photos. Her iPhone was full and she didn’t know where to put the photos. She also knew that hard drives aren’t safe. I worked with customers every day who lost everything because their tech was out of control.

Early on I realized that precious memories are way too easy to lose, and way too hard find and enjoy. I had to come up with a solution.

A real solution can’t work for just some

Photos can disappears in the blink of an eye. Smartphones, computers and hard drives all fail, and brand doesn’t matter; Macs, iPhones, PCs and Androids all eventually fail. Tech companies try to solve the problem, but usually make things more complicated. Imagine the shock someone feels when they discover their iCloud backup stopped backing up photos on purpose when they switched to photos in the cloud.

Over 15 years I developed a great solution for both professional and amateur photographers. I taught people how to use apps like iPhoto, Aperture, Apple Photos, and Adobe’s Lightroom, and I taught how to back it all up, drawing on my formal training and backup management certification. The trouble was, the solution was expensive, requiring lots of high-end hardware. Only a few customers could afford it. This really bothered me.

So I came up with a solution.  It's not a product.  It's an approach.  In fact, products will come and go.  For the past eight years I've been obsessed with creating a system that anyone can use to organize, enjoy and protect all of one's photos- no matter how many there are and no matter what format they're in- digital, printed or otherwise.

Moms and Dads don't need pro photography lessons.  They just want everything to work, and never lose precious memories. Family Photo Tech is a place to learn these basics and more.