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Spontly Fan Apps is an platform for supporting fan communities around sports teams.

We release a fan community app (iOS and Android) for your favourite team, you download it, post photos and comments from the games, and hang out in the forums with others who share your passion. We keep you informed with info on upcoming games, past results, scores, league tables, and news.

Our apps are a bit like old-school web communities you can carry around with you, that also keep you up to date.

Jim and Tom have spent the last 6 years working on the Fan Apps platform in and around other Spontly projects. We’ve learned a lot about what fans want but our user-base has grown to a size where it needs proper full-time attention - it’s costing us money just to keep the platform running.

We want to keep supporting our app communities. We want to overhaul our apps, improve your experience, and add great new features.

We support apps for teams in multiple sports - across them we have around 50,000 regular monthly users, with the largest app having had 20,000 installs. It’s costing us around £3,500 per month to sustain the platform, including wages and we can’t currently update the apps in all the ways we know they need, to add features, and to improve the platform in the way that we want. So we are looking for support to cover the costs and to free us up to start making both the apps and the experience better for fans.

What Would I Be Supporting?

Better Apps, Better Experience
We always aim to make your experience better when using our apps. That could be through interface changes, better performance and stability, or updates which keep them secure. As a small team we need to overhaul our apps to modernize them and set them up in a way that will allow us to make changes and improvements more quickly on an ongoing basis.

Exciting Features
Some features, for example live score notifications, and other live updates (such as red or yellow cards in soccer, for teams where that live data is available) have either been on our radar or run in beta for a while. They need work to make them reliable for our growing user-base. Your support will help that finally become a reality.

Community Involvement
We'd love to get members of our fan communities more involved in guiding development. Silver tier patrons and above will be invited to have their say on new features.

Tier Rewards
This all exists to support fan communities. Our patron rewards are to thank you for helping us sustain and improve them. And so the rewards are a mixture of things we can offer right away, and things that will be implemented as part of our planned work. We've marked these future rewards with an asterisk for clarity.


Why are the prices in US dollars?
Patreon's US-based. If you want to work out what the pledge amounts are in, for example, British Pounds, the simplest way is to type it straight into Google, and that will return a result, eg. "10 USD in GBP" (which at the time of writing works out as about £7.50).

Can I cancel my pledge at any time?
Yes, Patreon allows you to do this easily.

Can I choose not to have a patron badge displayed next to my name, or a mention on any of your patron credits in app or on a website?
Of course. They’re rewards to show that we appreciate your patronage but we understand if you want to keep that on the down-low. Contact us ([email protected]) right after you make your pledge, tell us who you are on Patreon and the email address of your app account, and we’ll set any one or all of the visible rewards so not display.

Can I pledge more than $25?
Absolutely. You can pledge whatever you like, and we thank you for it. The thresholds listed for each tier are only there to show rewards you’ll qualify for depending your pledge amount, not as lower or upper limits.

Can I pledge a one-off amount?
Yes, we’ll have a PayPal link up shortly. Let us know at [email protected] if you want to be alerted when that happens.
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  • This helps us keep the servers and services running which allow the apps to work.
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