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About Nancy Lynée Woo

Hello! I am a writer with many hats - workshop facilitator, consultant, ghostwriter, copyeditor, etc. - but poetry and community organizing are my primary passions. Like many artists, I rely on the support of my audience and community to keep the energy flowing.

I need your help to make sure I have the energy I need to keep creating!

The Artist-Patron Relationship:

Artists create. That's simply what we do.

The Things we create are often valuable to the world around us. 

We pay for Things we value. 

Patronage is an opportunity to concretely acknowledge the value in an artist's Work, and for the artist to make a return on that investment with new creations. 

Your patronage will directly support the publication of my first full-length book of poetry and my contributions in the literary world, as well as my consistent efforts to build the first literary arts center in Long Beach and creative space for my community. In return, you'll be invited to the inner chambers of the creative process as the work develops.

Thank you for valuing the often unseen emotional and intellectual labor of artists.

If you would like to become familiar with my poetry, you can visit my website:

Mission and Vision:

My mission is to live in a steady state of creative flow, channels open and feet grounded, energizing and inspiring myself and others.

My vision is to see creativity flourish everywhere and in everyone.

I strive to live a principle-centered life: *Honesty *Integrity *Community *Innovation *Compassion *Self-Expression *Strength *Flexibility *Commitment *Vision *Dignity

Those who know me know: I am a woman of fire, with at least eight arms, juggling passion in each one. I am a creator in many capacities, but poetry is the axis upon which everything in my life spins. Poetry is the best way I've found to describe how I see the world moving.

Everything I create (like working with grassroots organizations, hosting events, supporting friends, publishing books, leading teams, teaching, editing, reading the stars...) starts here. Poetry is the Source from which my creative well flows. When I feed it, everything else begins to move.

My Creative Goals:

My goal is to work well: creating regularly in a grounded, stable state of personal well-being. Your patronage helps provide material security so that I may free up more time to gracefully explore the images as I receive and share them, as well as give my time and energy freely to projects I believe in.

I've got my nose deep into writing at least two books of poetry currently. Your patronage will directly support the completion and publication of:

I'd Rather Be Lightning: An exploration in form and space, in spells and incantations, in the spirit and sensory worlds, in fire and water, in darkness and transcendence. Poems find themselves diving into the murky depths of fear and launching to heights of immutable joy, exploring colorful dimensions in between. This is what I am obsessed with right now. 

Logline: The gravity of a black hole is so powerful even light cannot escape. Even so, lightning strikes. I'd Rather Be Lightning is a collection of poems dancing to the multi-dimensional music of darkness and light, weaving the language of images into an intricate web. Form is as mutable as life in this book, as the poems traverse across time and space to sneak into the nuances of death, abandonment, love, and joy.

The Great Divide: A memoir in poetry, exploring the story of my mixed heritage: I am a second-generation half-Chinese southern California woman disowned by my Chinese grandmother because of my parents' marriage. This is the project I started in the PEN Center's Emerging Voices fellowship, which travels deep into tradition, history, and the unknown.

Logline: The Chinese don’t mess with the dead. What happens when one young American woman starts asking questions of race and history after being exiled from a large Chinese family at birth? The Great Divide is a collection of poems exploring lost cultural heritage and mixed race identity. Through a disjointed lens of post-immigrant American resilience, these poems risk great shame upon a family of ghosts—but to stay silent would risk even more.

How I Am Building Community:

It's in my nature to bring people together. I organize and host community events regularly, many of which are free for anyone to attend. Some of these are workshops because I am constantly learning and I love to share my insights and knowledge with anyone who may benefit. I believe we are all connected, and we do best when we grow together.

Since the fall of 2016, I have been working diligently with my co-creators, Rachael Rifkin and Desiree Kannel, to build the Long Beach Literary Arts Center. We are establishing our 501(c)3 status right now, while offering literary events to the community. This is a huge labor of love, a project well beyond me that I hope will endure for decades, but I am proud to be a spoke on the wheel driving momentum forward. Every hour of work on this project is volunteer-driven, so supporting me helps support the construction of this center. Our vision is a city that loves and supports the literary arts.

Why You Might Want to Support Me:

  • You appreciate my work, and want to see more of it. 
    • The great thing about Patreon is that it recognizes artists as current creators. I am already creating. Your patronage is a direct line of energy to support the flow. 
  • You believe that artists are valuable members of society. 
    • While I may not work a traditional 9-to-5, I've worked thousands of hours crafting the art of my life and my work. You value the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual labor that incubates every Thing I create to offer the world.
  • You know when I receive, it fuels my giving.
    • I have many gifts, for which I am immensely grateful; I share them with joy. Your gift of abundance helps me deliver my gifts to the world.
  • You know I am an energetic literary citizen.
    • I teach free or low-cost poetry workshops in my community, am invested in my friends' and peers' poetic journeys, consistently host creative networking events, and consider my poetry community one of the most important parts of my life.
  • You believe in the power of the written word, value honest introspection, or are moved by the grace of poetry.
    • Especially in times of "alternative facts," truth in writing & truth in speaking & truth in living are essential to humanity. I dive deep into the dark only to bring more light into this world.
  • You know me, and you know I live an inspired life. 
    • You know I am fiercely dedicated to the craft, that I don't let myself be lazy. That I am as open as I am meticulous. That I experiment, and explore, and refine, and play, and my style reflects the breadth and depth of my curiosity, my attention, and my wonder. I am constantly discovering.
  • You know that I am constantly growing. 
    • I write at a frenetic pace, which means I produce a lot, and I am unafraid to touch the edges of my understanding. 
  • You know that being a professional writer is a lot of work. 
    • Writing is not my hobby. It is my passion, my livelihood, and my vocation. Like any job, there are a lot of spinning plates. You want to support me in writing, but also in having time to sit with my work stress-free to research and revise, and in every other essential ingredient of the puzzle: thinking, reading, experimenting, managing, connecting, publishing, and sharing.
  • You know I work hard. 
    • I've been paying my way through life since I started babysitting at 11. I worked 3 jobs to put myself through college. I have a disgusting amount of student loan debt because college seemed like a good idea at the time. I am not unused to great challenge for great fulfillment. Considering poetry as one of my jobs, and one that I love, is a way to make the often undervalued labor of art more sustainable--and to validate my dedication to the work.
  • You think if more people wrote poems, the world might be a little brighter.
    • I think this too!
  • You are interested in some of the themes in my work, which include: 
    • womanhood, magic, wildness, mythology, love in multiple forms, attachment/non-attachment, gender relationships, trauma and transformation, social issues, family ties, connectivity, cultural history, time, space, the universe, nature, the grandeur and complexity of existence as experienced uniquely through the senses.
  • Simply put, you believe in the work I'm doing and are in a position to support it.

How Your Patronage Helps Me Achieve My Goals:

  • First and foremost, it helps me pay rent and bills. After that:
  • Offsets the costs of applying to writing residencies, classes, and fellowships.
  • Offsets the costs of sending poems and manuscripts to publishers and prizes.
  • Offsets the upfront costs of purchasing books from my publisher.
  • Offsets the costs of subscribing to industry publications (P&W, for example) or attending industry conferences (AWP, for example).
  • Offsets the cost of my home office and garden, which allows me the space to create and host events for my greater artistic community.
  • Offsets the implicit costs of other creative, intellectual, and emotional services I provide, such as hosting, organizing, editing, and teaching (women's circle, council, salon, workshops), which fuel my art and my community.
  • Offsets the costs of creative projects I may want to embark on from home, such as printing a broadside or zine.
  • Offsets the costs of marketing my work, such as in website hosting fees.
  • Offsets the implicit costs of participating in the literary world, such as buying coffee, books, office supplies, admission to events, gas, etc.
  • Offsets the costs of experiences that inform and inspire my writing.
  • Provides me financial peace of mind to allow for free time to create.

With Your Patronage, I Can Absolutely Guarantee:

  • For 100 pennies a month, you can expect at least one substantial update post per month about my creative journey. And you will be subscribed to my weekly Creative Process blog posts! If I make enough headway, I am also considering posting book reviews or submission recommendations, and other small posts like brief musings or quotes as they arise. 
  • For as little as the price of a cup of coffee a month ($5), you can access my creative process, and see a bit more of the raw and vulnerable side of the work in poems, drafts, and manuscripts as they are created. I will post poems as I write them, viewable only by patrons (the privacy setting allows these poems to still be eligible for publication). When I am in the writing flow, this might be once every few days or once a week. When I'm in revision mode, it might be less, but I'll also post updated poems after I've taken the scalpel to them.
  • I would love your comments, questions, insights, and feedback. You can be as involved in the work as you'd like, or simply enjoy observing the book(s) unfold.
  • I tend to be a fairly private writer, not content to release something for publication until polished. Oh, but if you were to see me on the daily: every morning, coffee in hand, notebook open, going there constantly. I am already doing the work; you are now invited to access and support it.
  • The writing is already flowing. As a patron, you have the opportunity to see the book(s) develop as I post works in progress, drafts, notes, ideas, revisions, etc. You will see poems no one else has seen, and maybe never will see. Not everything will make it to the final draft. 
  • I still keep a sharp eye so that what I post is at least minimally valuable.
  • My creative flow is no trickling rivulet. I am not the type of writer who struggles to write. Rather, I struggle for the time and resources to dedicate to the "real" work, which requires lots of open time: research, revision, submissions. 
  • In the revision process, I can spend half a day re-envisioning just one poem. I have hundreds of poems. I will share successful revisions so you can see how the work transforms, given time and care.
  • I am highly aware of my creative process and have no trouble articulating it. 
  • I have already started compiling both manuscripts, and will share updates on the book progress as I go.
  • My ideal vision is to work on my creative projects freely without financial constraints, to shed the differentiation between a "poetry day" and a "work day."
  • I will post monthly updates of how I am putting your patron funds to great use.
  • As a patron, I consider you a close partner to the work. So I invite you to witness the intimate realm of my inner world before the rest of the world arrives. 

Here Are Some Perks to Patronage:

1. For a monthly sponsorship of $1 or more: Access to my first level Patreon private feed, where I post weekly blog posts on the creative process and periodic updates.

2. For a monthly sponsorship of $5 or more: Above + Access to my second level Patreon private feed, where I post newborn poems, major revisions, writing prompts, research questions, raw and instinctive poetic moments as they move through the dance.

3. For a monthly sponsorship of $10 or more: Above + Free gift of books I publish or am giving away for the duration of your patronage when they are ready to send.

4. For a monthly sponsorship of $25 or more: Everything above, plus a guaranteed spot in my Surprise the Line poetry workshop twice a year for the duration of your patronage (located in Long Beach, but can also be adjusted for telecommuting).

5. For a monthly sponsorship of $50 or more:
Above + Send me something that interests you (an image, a line of poetry, a song, a video, an idea) and I'll write you a poem once a month for the duration of your patronage.

6. For a monthly sponsorship of $100 or more: Everything above, plus a grateful dedication to you in every book I publish for the duration of your sponsorship.

7. For a monthly sponsorship of $200 or more: Everything above, plus two hours per month of a Skype or in-person meeting to discuss anything of your choosing, potentially related to my work, or as a consultation for you on your work.

8. For a monthly sponsorship of $500 or more: At this level, you tell me what you'd like to see your investment produce. I definitely want to know.

What You Might Like to Know About Me:

  • I started writing poems when I was 8 years old but didn't find the world of modern poetry until 15 years later. (And since then, I've been all in.)
  • I've published two chapbooks: Rampant (Sadie Girl Press, 2014) and Bearing the Juice of It All (Finishing Line Press, 2016). 
  • I've released a poetry-music CD: Face the Blaze (Blacksheep Music Productions, 2014).
  • I've started a social justice-focused literary press, Lucid Moose Lit, which has published two anthologies and a zine. 
  • I was selected for and completed the PEN Center USA Emerging Voices fellowship in 2015.
  • I've had poems nominated for a handful of prizes, including Pushcart and Meridian.
  • I've had poems published in over 25 journals or anthologies, including Confrontation, NAILED, Stirring, Synaesthesia, and Breakwater Review.
  • I aim to send out poems for publication about once a month. (And I keep meticulous track of their status.)
  • I have led and continue to lead low-cost and free community poetry and writing workshops, the most recent of which is called Surprise the Line.
  • I am working with local literary leaders to establish a literary arts center in Long Beach.
  • I work as a freelance writer and editor, and as a content strategist for a digital marketing agency.
  • I am an empath.
  • I am an organizer, and have directed or hosted everything from a feminist book club to a seasonal women's circle to a political discussion group to a creative salon in my backyard to a literary press to educational events to art events to workshops...
  • I am a dedicated literary citizen and often offer my skills, insight, and support to friends and peers in good faith.
  • I am a dreamer, a doer, a visionary, an activator, a teacher, a leader, a listener - I listen to the words as they arrive, and play my part in positioning them on the page. I listen for the next calls to action, and I've found myself here. I've heard the bells ringing: With more energy behind me, I can create even more.

Why I Am Asking for Patronage: 
Every artist wants to make a living doing the work they love. I believe in the value of my work, and have dedicated my life to being a writer--triumphs, struggles, lessons, and all. Working regularly at endeavors like poetry that are emotionally, spiritually, and socially valuable, yet not economically valued, can create (and has created in me at times) a distinct sort of financial, physical, and sometimes existential crisis.

I spend hundreds of hours each year working on artistic mastery, community projects, and literary engagement. I know I am capable of creating meaningful, valuable things in this world, and I believe in the world I want to create. Your patronage tells me you believe it too. Thank you, from my deepest well of gratitude, for supporting me, my art, and my vision.

My warmth,
Nancy Lynee Woo
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Help me hit my goal of 25 patrons! Once I reach this mark, I'll publicly share the "Chapbook Submissions" Excel spreadsheet I created, which contains research for more than 50 poetry chapbook submissions year-round. This is a great resource for any poet looking to submit to poetry chapbook competitions and publishers. Thank you!
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