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Force one of us read a chapter of a fanfic on recording at the end of the podcast. You get to choose who. Choose Casey. Please.

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Force us to watch an anime of your choice for the Anime Reflux choice. Come on. Do it. Break our spirits. No porn, please. Patient can't take it.




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We're just a bunch of fic writers, writers, and critics. There's me, Zero (aka KingofZeroX), Flux Casey, Kenchi618, Slicerness, and The Patient One. You may have seen us crawling out of the leaky, oily crevices of fandoms.

We record a weekly podcast, Let's Plays and a weekly random anime review show called Anime Reflux where we look at the first episode of a randomly drawn anime. 

We also have a discord server!

For redeeming rewards, please contact us through the discord server and we'll do our best to accommodate you. We do record on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (10PST), so $20 patrons please keep this in mind when pledging.
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