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Every time I write a D&D adventure, you'll receive a digital copy. The adventures will be campaign neutral enough that you can slide them into your existing games. They'll be designed around the idea of one to three play sessions and will feature the same commitment to detail to all my projects receive.

First up will be the Horror of Thistletown
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You'll get everything from the Patron level plus you'll receive a print copy (glossy cover and everything!) mailed directly to you.

(Small print: I'll cover the cost of shipping your book to North America, Australia, New Zealand or the European Union. If you aren't in one of the locations, I probably won't be able to ship to you unless we make arrangements ahead of time to cover the extra cost. If your local authorities charge you duties and/or taxes to receive the book, that will be your responsibility to pay). 




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My name is Michael and I'm known for writing clever, creative adventures for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. My work features layered stories, fleshed out NPCs, and meaningful choices. 

Usually, I write long, epic adventures meant to be played over the course of several months. (They launch on Kickstarter and are also available on

For Patreon, I'm writing adventures that condense my epic sensibilities into compact packages. I'm focusing on shorter stories, that can be played over the course of a session or two (maybe three). I'll include smart hooks that allow you to slide these quirky adventures right into your existing campaigns. There's also advice on expanding them if your players want more.

Some of the plots you'll see include halflings acting badly, lost ghost ships, and demons with unusual requests. Fun stuff, odd stuff, stuff that's a little different

I'm a professional writer (proud card carrying member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America) and role-playing games are my passion. I write for D&D 5E, but I may occasionally add some other systems into the mix - whatever strikes my fancy. I collaborate from time to time with some other incredible talents, and I may offer some of their work here as well.

I'm expecting to publish on an ad hoc schedule; it should work out to once a month or so.

I put a lot of effort into my work, and I think you'll be impressed. For those of you that decide to support me - thank you - it means a lot.

Fantastic Reality

p.s. The key ingredient in any adventure is, of course, fun. No matter how detailed the backstory or NPCs, if the players aren't having a good time, it is just so much wasted effort. Megan R, one of DriveThruRPGs "Featured Reviewers" noted as much when she reviewed one of my pieces:

"This adventure is put together extremely well, especially what in my infantry sergeant days I would call 'Fighting in a Built Up Area' - as fine a representation of urban military action on the tabletop as I have seen. It's always quite hard to ensure that your party stays in the spotlight when armies clash, here it's done magnificently." [Megan R. Featured Reviewer]
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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