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is creating cooking tutorials themed around gaming, sci-fi, and fantasy!
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About Fantasy Food Show

Hello!  I'm Nick, creator and host of Fantasy Food Show.  My cooking show combines two of my greatest loves in life: baking and gaming!  In each episode I show you step-by-step how to create something tasty in the theme of a board game, video game, sci-fi, or fantasy film.  I already have 12 episodes live on YouTube and I am very lucky to have the help of my friend and producer Rebecca to shoot and edit each video.   However, the entire show is a labor of love supported by us.  That's where you come in!  For as little as $1 per video (max 4/month and you can set your own monthly limit) you can help us make Fantasy Food Show with greater ease.  Please consider supporting my project and be sure to check out the subscriber rewards!
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Donations are structured per video per month with a max of 4/month.  The goal is to help support the cost of running the show, from the equipment to the ingredients to the time of my director. If we reach it, I will create a special video and personally thank each and everyone of you who helped us reach this!  I will also link/shout out to one website/social media/YouTube channel or cause of your choice!
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