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Over the last years I've noticed that most fantasy football providers don't have all the stats that I as a fantasy football junky craved for.  I wish I could see my win and loss record over the years so eventually I created a google doc with the data but that wasn't enough. I wanted head to head matchups records, streaks, biggest/loss win margin, playoff records, etc. Maybe the league taco is my nemesis?! Who has been my best player in 2008 or ever? Best WR? Best RB? Kicker?  Easily see past trades and see who won that trade without manually adding the points.

My goal is to create a website that provides all of your leagues stats throughout the years and presents them as it would a football franchise. You will own the website and don't even have to worry about the hosting cost as I will take care of those. You don't even have to buy a domain to use it.  As you know coding all of this is very time consuming and customizing the code to the different providers (, ESPN, yahoo ,etc) out there will only make it harder. As a freelance web developer I have all the skills needed for this challenge but in order to feed my family I need to spend my time wisely on billable work.

That's when I learned about Patreon and thought it would be a great idea to use this. I could create a base website which I would share with my patrons and through their feedback expand on features and functionalities. So I come to you as a fantasy football fan to help me create an even better fantasy football experience.

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