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The idea behind this started when ESPN deleted most of the historic data on Fantasy Football leagues so I decided on a way to backup the leagues data which was our main reason to stay with ESPN since we didn't want to lose it.

While I was working on this I figured I'm tired of managing our league records in a google sheet I already had all the data so why not create a site with new feature, stats that ESPN didn't have.

The way it works is that I will pull all the data from ESPN and create a site that I will host by default, if you wish to host the site yourself you can DM me. The site won't update by itself.

If you're interested fill this FORM.

  • Head to Head stats (Wins, Streak, Game logs)
  • All time Standings (Regular Season , Playoffs or Both)
  • Team stats like highest score, lowest score, biggest margin win, lowest margin loss, regular champion, playoffs wins/lose, playoffs appearances, championships, championship appearances, best placing, biggest streak, current streak etc.
  • Single game stats like Top score, Lowest Score, Highest Victory Margins, Lowest Victory Margins, Most Combined Points, Fewest Combined Points, Highest Score in a Loss, Lowest Score in a Win.
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Season long Records
  • Top 10 most wins in a season
  • Top 10 most losess in a season
  • Top 10 best winning pct  in a season
  • Top 10 highest scoring teams in a season
  • Top 10 lowest scoring teams in a season
  • Top 10 win streaks within a season
  • Top 10 lossing streaks within a season
  • Top 10 win streaks all time
  • Top 10 lossing streaks all time
  • Top 10 playoffs appearances
  • Top 10 playoffs streaks
  • Top 10 playoffs draughts
  • Top 10 highest average fantasy points per game in a season
  • Top 10 lowest average fantasy points per game in a season
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