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About Fantasy Ocean

I started out as a joy writer, simply writing for fun and personal enjoyment. I began to post my work online at a few different sites My work began to gain a decent bit of attention and I've made a few good friends and fans of my work. Moving to patreon isn't really about making money, for me, but a chance to learn if my work is good enough to deserve a profit. I still post freely on other sites, and will continue to do so, but if you're already familiar with my work and would like early access to content, the occasional bonus content or special post, or simply to provide a higher level of support, I would be immensely grateful for a pledge.

For anyone reading this, especially those who are pledging or have supported me in the past, I greatly appreciate all the love and support, and hope that perhaps you'll contact me directly through private messages so that I may thank you personally and get to know you as a person and a friend. Thank you. 
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When we reach $60 in pledges, I'll give every single Patreon at the time a free doodle regardless of tier level.
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