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My personal thanks and knowing that you are helping make the FarLight Saga graphic novels and web comic possible.
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You will have access to behind-the-scenes art as each phase of sketches, pencils, inks, and colors are completed.  In addition, you will be able to read a running Live Draft series of pages as the next novel is written.



About Jared Koon

Good day everyone!

I'm Jared Koon, the creator of the FarLight graphic novel series.  I run a small team of artist that produce both a web comic and full graphic novel books. While we have released some volumes in the past, we are now in the process of doing a fresh launch of a new book and series.

Here on Patreon we're looking to connect with our supporters to allow them behind the scenes access as we both prep and launch this adventure. Creating large scale sequential works can be rather messy and we don't always get it right. Here as part of this campaign is your chance to see all the things that get made, some of which will be left on the artistic cutting room floor, and some of which you will watch grow into a final book that you will be able to hold in your own hands.

This is a long but wonderful journey and I welcome you to join us in seeing the path ahead with your own eyes.

FarLight is made possible by my amazing team of:

Kathryn Layno - https://www.facebook.com/denimcatfish/
Jacqueline Taylor - http://elementjax.deviantart.com/
Melissa Uran - http://meluran.deviantart.com/
Jake Isenberg - http://inker-guy.deviantart.com/
Ulises Grostieta - http://www.grostieta.com/
Thomas Mauer - http://thomasmauer.com/
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Two Days per Week Release Schedule (Wednesday + Friday)

At $1000 per month we can produce an additional page per week, for a total of two pages per week or around eight pages per month. 
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