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The meat and potatoes for you all! The majority of my videos are here. Follow me and watch what I do and you will learn the basics to making money from a farm and nursery. I try to upload as much as possible and answer as much as I can 




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About Shepards Nursery & Farm stand

Hello and welcome
Do you want to make money from plants like flowers trees and shrubs?
DO you want to make money growing fresh produce on small acreage farm?
Interested in farming food flowers and ornamental plants and what it takes to run a profitable farm stand?

Hello my name is Mitch and I Own and operate Nursery and farm stand full time professionally. I grow flowers shrubs trees. I also grow produce and I sell all my products across the small town i live in. A lot of people want to do what I do but never make the plunge. Well I have, become a patreon and follow me Ill show you hows it done and how I do this for a living. 

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