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- The Weekly Elly, a weekly compilation post of Elly's work

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Sam & Elly are independent creators who frequently collaborate on original works, with a focus on lesbian & trans/nb representation in fantasy. Together, their works span novels and various illustrations/illustration projects.

Sam Farren has been churning out novels since early 2015, having published more than 720,000 words of fiction in that time—that’s around 2,500 pages! With three more books currently in progress, their work is guaranteed to continue at a steady pace for years to come.

Their novels are slow-paced, character-driven pieces, all taking place in original fantasy settings. In these worlds, the real problems facing people are dragons and blizzards, not sexuality and gender. This allows for stories where LGBT characters of all kinds can live openly and expressively, with their lives and love stories being incidental but always acknowledged. With a focus on lesbian & trans/nb representation, Sam Farren hopes to create stories where people not often reflected in fantasy worlds can enjoy epic adventures.

Click here for more information on Sam’s completed, current, and former novels!

Elly Beck is a freelance illustrator. All of her art is available to view at her art blog, She is currently working on an autobiographical zine about her experiences with CPSTD and trauma therapy, called resolve. She also works on individual freelance projects, including Rezonite, a two-player fantasy card game, and frequently does art of Sam Farren’s books, having already done the covers for Bitfrost and The Shattering of the Spirit-Sword Brackish, and with plans to do more covers.

Rezonite is a card game by Robyn Dawson (@rezonitecardgame on Instagram), about mages duelling with magical crystals. Elly is the sole artist on the project, designing the characters for each of the five decks, leading the visual direction of the game, and is currently creating all of the illustrations for each of the 155 cards that will be in the completed game.

Elly’s work has always focused on LGBT material, wlw especially, and her aim is to continue creating inclusive artwork.

Through Patreon, she will be expanding her studies on a variety of artistic skills, sharing the process, what she’s learnt, and all the “behind-the-scenes” information that comes with access to a full-time artist. You’ll also hear about any potential future projects here first, as well as character design from Sam’s books as they’re being written.

Why Do We Need Patreon?

Creative work involves big risks and instability. Sam spends 6-8 hours a day writing (which doesn’t include the time spent researching, plotting, and outlining the piece), and even longer when it comes to rewriting and editing. It’s a full-time job that takes up a lot of mental energy, and they don’t get the paycheque for the time between beginning and publishing—this can easily be longer than a year.

As a freelancer, Elly’s work can be restrictive, as she has to follow the client’s guidelines. Patreon will give her the opportunity to broaden her skills, create more personal pieces, and built a portfolio that will allow her to move onto bigger projects. Elly also has chronic illnesses that take a lot of time and energy to manage, and without the support of Patreon, she will not be able to focus on her work in this way.

The Tiers

$2 – Yarn

This is the “Whole Package” tier. We are incredibly grateful to everybody who chooses to support us, even at the minimum value, and so all of our content is available to everybody at this tier. Access to our Discord server is available for everyone, and we really encourage people to treat it as a community to talk about all sorts of topics with Sam and Elly, including sharing their own art/writing/hobbies with everyone there.

It also includes The Weekly Elly, a compilation post of the weeks’ worth of Elly’s work from the works mentioned above, access to a Q+A channel for Sam and Elly where you can ask us anything about the expanded Dragonoak, Bitfrost, and Brackish universes, and any other past or current projects, and early book drafts from Sam.

$5 – Lace

This tier has everything from before (all of our content), as well as a one-time thank you sketch from Elly! Remember to send an email with your request when you sign up!

$15 – Silk

This has everything from before, including the thank you sketch, as well as the opportunity to ask Sam for EITHER a short writing commission OR Sam to edit a piece of writing under 10,000 words for you (one time offer). 

Who Are Those Animals In The Tier Art?

Those are our fursonas! Yarn is Sam’s, an opossum, and both Lace and Silk are foxes and belong to Elly. They sort of took on their own lives as the unofficial mascots of the Sam & Elly Patreon Discord, which has a ton of unique emoji of all three! It’s more fun than just drawing our exact human likenesses all of the time, so they’ve become quite popular in Elly’s art.

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