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About Fashion Potluck

Hiya!🙋 We are - Julia, Luis, Seomara, and Una. We created a female-driven social media platform for you to inspire and be inspired. It is free to join and post, it is open and approachable. Our aim is to become the point of reference for women, whether you are looking for a  product review, a going out look or a Sunday brunch recipe. In our cozy, close-knit community you have the possibility to share, be heard, supported, and inspired.💛 

Being a part of our platform offers you daily updates from women around the globe. With more than 35.000 female users, we welcomed women who are posting their thoughts about fashion, beauty, food, travel, lifestyle, and everything in between.

We create our own content too! In our FP Blog page you will find:
○ Our very own podcast sessions (available in all the biggest podcast platforms);
○ Our video blogs;
○ Value-added articles

As well, during the past years, we met dozens of you at our get-togethers in AmsterdamBangkok, and Berlin. We hope to meet all of you very soon!💛

We launched Fashion Potluck in 2016. In 2019 we want to grow further, increase the number of active users, and produce even more relevant content for your consumption. We want to provide you with 10+ posts a day, bi-monthly podcast sessions, and bi-monthly video production. We are also planning on holding more events (online & offline), producing our own merchandise, and traveling more to meet you all! For scaling up, we need your participation. We want to invite you to become an active part of the platform by supporting us via Patreon. In exchange, we are happy to give as much as we can.

How can you contribute?🎇
Simply click on the red button "Become a Patron" and choose the amount you are comfortable spending monthly. You can see the benefits you will get underneath each tier. The amount chosen will be withdrawn from your credit card every month unless you cancel it. And, don't worry, you can cancel anytime!😊 Remember, your participation means a lot to us. With your support, our women's community will grow much faster, and you will grow together with us!💖

If you have any questions or suggestions, mail us at any of the following emails:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Follow our journey at:
Fashion Potluck

We can't wait to grow together with you. Thank you!

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The bigger our community is, the stronger we are together. 50 people is a big team, which is able to move mountains! In building a strong women community, or any other community for that matter, every commitment is important. We are happy with 1$ support, with 50$ love, with every warm message or a hug. Thank you for your participation in building our women-only social media platform on the internet. You inspire us!

Stronger together, we influence, we grow.


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post