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About Fastbreak Breakfast

"A podcast for serious NBA fans that is incredibly not serious." - a wise man, describing Fastbreak Breakfast, the award-winning weekly NBA podcast from a pre-Lebron Miami Heat fan and two Memphis Grizzlies fans (one of whom may be a degenerate gambler). 

Ahoy there, listener! After two years (UPDATE: FOUR YEARS), two kids (UPDATE: FOUR KIDS), and countless breakfast delicacies (UPDATE: STILL COUNTLESS), it's time for your humble podcasters to pass around the hat. With your help, we believe the podcast can reach even loftier heights. Keith, Chuck, & Jon find a way to convene at least once a week in hopes of providing the funniest, most irreverent, yet knowledgeable podcast around, but it can be so much more. We've been shocked, awed, and humbled by the response and audience growth, and we are ready to take this lil' endeavor to the next level, and YOU can help us do just that! We are wanting to bring you not just more and better content, but create a more interactive community for us to all share in our hot takes and hot cakes! Take a gander at our Goals & Rewards on the respective left and right of your screen, watch our video, and please consider helping us make your podcast experience even more delicious. And remember: Breakfast is the most important thing!
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