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About Fat Finger Error

Listen to my music on Spotify (more links below).

Fat Finger Error is a music project from Amsterdam.

I'm a Musician based in the Netherlands, who has been composing music for film, TV, online videos and games since 2002.

The style of my music is shifting between Wave, EDM and Metal. It challenges me to explore a sound that is beyond what I am usually doing, which is highly enjoyable.

The fatness and quirky-ness of my tracks is what has shaped the idea for the pseudonym "Fat Finger Error", which is also a description of a computer typo that is made by a person (often but not necessarily) with fat fingers that can cause a disaster in a highly connected, computer-dependent ecosystem.

I am the creator of the soundtrack for the indie game "Clothesline Carnage" that was released on Steam in 2017:

The methods I use are varied and experimental. I use Field Recordings, second hand toys, microwaves, 8Bit synthesis, mobile equipment (iOS) but also virtual plugins and a powerful DAW to inspire & create my music. I work in a little studio based in Haarlem, 20KM from Amsterdam.

Patrons will receive exclusive insight in my work, pre-releases and unpublished material, posted here on my Patron-feed.

My music is available on:

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