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This is the "We Sincerely Thank You Level of Righteous Awesomeness."  You'll get -
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  • Everything from previous reward levels




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Howdy! We're Fatty and Chubs. We are passionate about laughing, inspiring stories, and helping people. We're dads. We're out of shape. We're trying to change that. We're quite silly, and we assert the world could always use a little more silliness. We have a show, and we hope you'll hang out with us once and awhile. Maybe we'll make you soil something - be sure to let us know if that ever happens. 

We've had the chance to rub shoulders with some of the biggest celebrities and Youtubers around. We've learned a lot. They've inspired us to do what we love. So here it is! Fatty and Chubs making silly videos because we love it. We would be deeply honored for you to join us and help to keep the show going. If we could at least cover our monthly expenses of a studio space, we'd be so blessed! We work hard to not only entertain, but also inspire. We'd be honored to have you as our patron. 

Some of my favorite stuff (Fatty), like Monty Python films for example - were so off beat that they couldn't find money to produce their stuff from any "normal" film making paths. Members of bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles stepped in to fund various Python projects. 

Today, creators don't need rich rock bands to thrive, we just need you. Viewers giving a buck here and there to help us keep going! Thank you so much! Don't just dream big, Dream Fatty and Chubs. ;)
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We don't expect to get rich doing what we're doing. Of course we'd love to do the show as our full time job. We'll keep working hard to make that a reality. First it would be beyond amazing if we could over our monthly costs. Our studio was the most affordable place we could find. We had to have a headquarters where we could go to do the show late at night after our horde of children are asleep. Yeah we actually like spending time with our children. If we could simply cover our monthly costs of doing the show - then maybe chubs wont have to sell one of his kids to keep the studio. 
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