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You are a deity among normal persons just for giving me this much money. On top of being a part of my patron stream by pledging, you will also receive some contact info (probably my email, perhaps skype) and my eternal gratitude. Also, anyone who donates this much will be given a chance to look at character depictions I've collected over the last couple of years. You won't be one of those people having to use your "imagination" to know what a character looks like!
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Did you forget a decimal and another zero? You did didn't you? Don't lie! Well, if you're serious, this will earn you access to my creations, contact info, and entry into a contest to win a free copy of the first book! Since there's going to be less than three people in this patron echelon, all of you might just get a free book. If there's more, I know I have some d20s lying around to make some rolls nice and randomly!




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I write. I think I do so with a modicum of excellence. I am also poor. By varying the lengths of my sentences, it gives this paragraph an interesting flow. You don't believe me? Try reading this paragraph aloud, enunciate every punctuation properly; for instance, make sure to give almost a full 'period' break before saying this half of the semi-colon punctuated sentence! Okay, that was fun. Let's move on to serious discussion.

I'm a 26 year old writer. I have aspirations of becoming a science fiction and fantasy laureate. Those are high-minded goals, to be sure; however, I do not see them as unrealistic. The average fiction author in the USA makes between $24k and $32k. Right now, I'm not the average fiction author- to say the least- and most of what I make goes to keeping myself fed, clothed, and out of the elements. That doesn't keep me from working hard, but it does make the process quite sacrificial. To write means to use time that isn't spent making money RIGHT NOW.

Writing is something I've adored since I was 4 years old. I would scribble on pages before I could form full, written sentences. In doing that, I developed a profound love of reading, writing, words, and those who craft with them. I have often, in my more haughty days, envisioned myself as the next Tolkien or Lewis, or Asimov. Sadly for me, most of them had careers in writing by my age and were establishing a name that would help them get published. Despite my talent that job market is drier than the average oasis mirage, just not as sandy. There's little way to get your foot in the door, and e-publishing has not made the biggest impression on the classical publishing world as of the present day. 

By giving me the financial freedom to create my works, you're accelerating my ascent into the realm of the published, and perhaps forwarding the release of a physical, or digital, piece of fiction literature. That sounds like a worthwhile endeavor, yes? I'm not going to pander on my "About" blurb. I'll save that for the reward for patronage.
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If you give me this much money...I just don't know. Maybe you like me, or you know me, but you're still damned generous, all of you. Either way, this will give me the incentive to share a part of my first novel with you fine folks.
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