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Many of you here may know me from my writing page on Wattpad where I've been creating content since I was 15 years old. I discovered my love for writing at a young age and it is something that continues to define me in my adulthood.

If you stumbled upon this page randomly then hello, my name is Faye. I am a college student and also Writer of contemporary and fantasy books. Others may know me from playing the game "Troublemaker" produced by Episode and based on my novel.

This page is to give a little extra content to my readers including but not limited too:

- Bonus content regarding your favorite books of mine.
- Monthly blog posts on writing advice i.e how I gained traction with my writing and what you can do to develop your own writing.
- Weekly book recommendations and what I'm currently reading.
- Weekly Q&A's where you ask me a question and I will answer it in a blog post, (if it requires a deep answer). You can also ask me advice and I will try my best to answer it!
- And so much more! (I have a lot planned for you guys).

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