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Welcome to the Faye's Food Patreon!

I want to thank you for checking the page out. As you may already know I have a blog and a YouTube channel all about food. I started my channel and blog from scratch. Everything has been authentic and built from hard work and my funding. I make recipe videos that aim to teach you great recipes that vary from easy to more advanced. Also, I love to incorporate tip videos that will help you in the kitchen. I'm a professional pastry chef that loves to teach. I love sharing what I know and what I learn daily with others. We've built up a wonderful community with all we have right now. But, it can be better. I'd love to be able to get proper equipment: a high quality camera, props and lighting. I know that'd go a long way towards improving the quality of the channel in the long run. Also, more diverse content. Things like tip videos, testing user requested recipes, cooking with family, etc. I actually am in the planning phases of writing a cookbook. All in due time...

This is where this Patreon and you comes in. If you support me on Patreon it will allow me to be able to spend more time creating videos and content that you guys would like to see. Any support financially can assist in me getting better equipment, props and just being able to create new and better content. Becoming a patron is cool too, because you will get some access to some really cool things that others won't have access too. New recipes, tips, personal assistance, etc. Become a patron today and you will really be a part of something special. You are awesome for even looking at this dang page. I really appreciate my foodie family! Thank you!

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My camera is trash. I admit it. I know you see it too. It's very evident in the videos. Yes, the lighting is also an issue, but that's much easier to correct. The camera I have right now is a problem. It's not a good quality camera. I'm grateful for what I have and it's definitely gotten me to this point, but as channel continues to grow, so should the quality. I'm setting the goal to buy a Canon T6i camera with lenses. This would be a HUGE improvement over the current camera I have. Only problem is I really don't have the money to purchase this. I'm a full-time student and a part-time employee. So yeah, money is a stranger to me at this point. Any help towards this goal, even a dollar, would be so appreciated. This camera would tremendously improve the quality not only of the photographs on the blog, but the videos on the YouTube channel. You won't be distracted by the blurrieness or hues when trying to learn a recipe. It will just be so much better. Any help is tremendously appreciated. Thank you!
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