Ferran Bosch

is creating Sports, economy and music.
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This is how you'll be able to help me explore my limits and interest. You'll be the first to know what's going on, and i will answer all your questions about me or my movements in life.

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You are considered a member of my family :) and apart of the satisfaction to know that your help, helps me create value and most importantly happiness for being able to create, you'll be the very first to get any of what i will create, to know every i'm doing/trying/failing.




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About Ferran Bosch

Hey guys, it's me Ferran.

I'm a guy from Barcelona and i'm currently studying Marketing and previously i studied Business.
Apart of my studies, right now i'm really into gym and sports, so we can say that i'm doing my best to perfom in my best shape to know where is my limit, or where is not.

I've been since i was very young into economics, but most importantly in stock market.
Since i became 18, i was trying to make some benefits on trading, but as you may know if you're into this, is very difficult and it's a constant learning. I think that right now i'm far from being able to life by trading, but i think i have a base of knowledge very solid that i'm wishing to share with you.

This may not sound humble, but i've grew up in a family of musics and i really think that i have a great taste for music.
Since day 1, i've been into music, and i can't imagine my life without
I like every type of music, but mostly i listen to rock, french electronic and Kanye( yeah, i think he is a genius).

Also i'm a fighter for freedom, and i understand freedom as absence of coercion.
So, i'm really into libertarianism and anarchocapitalism.
I really think that is not acceptable the use of force against peaceful people to take things of others individuals.
I believe in voluntary relationships between free individuals.
I firmly believe that taxation is theft.

Right now, i'm not creating any content. The main reason is not having the resources or good ideas but i'm willing to perform my best to show you what i'm able to do.

If you wanna contact with me i suggest to take a look at my twitter:

Feel free to contact.