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About Blanche's Feast in the Middle East

Hey foodies! My regular fans have been asking me to post cooking videos more often on my YouYube channel. My ultimate goal is to post these high quality videos once a week and I want you to be a part of it all, so thank you for stopping by my page! As you might be able to tell, I try my best to make high quality videos, using a top notch crew and taking a lot of time to make sure every recipe is perfect and presented in an easy to understand way. Currently I can afford to put out a video a month, but I would love to expand the brand and give you a recipe video a week. I can only do that with your help, and no amount of support is to little. I realize there is still no where else on television or otherwise where you can get authentic Middle Eastern recipes outlined in English, with shortcuts for today's busy cook. I am happy to fill that void and keep these traditions alive by sharing them with you! I also want to expand the cuisine to fit all dietary tastes and needs, keeping them healthy, incorporating fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and legumes. My recipes will  feature something for everyone, whether vegan, glutenfree, dairy free, lowcarb,  or yes, even carnivorous. My goal has been to empower everyone to make these centuries old dishes that have been passed down to me, as well as throw in some fun east/west fusion recipes like Machos (Middle Eastern Nachos) or Baklava granola. The cost of producing such high quality videos is high. But with your support I can keep the videos coming, and  expanding!
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When I hit $1800 a month, I will post cooking videos once a week, taking requests from you all on what you could like me to make!
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