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For me, podcasting has gone from a hobby to a serious passion.  Through it I've been able to engage with many different people and build relationships around dozens of hobbies.  I want to take my podcasting to the next level and continue to reach people all over the world.  

And this is where I need your help.

Podcasting requires time and money.

Time to schedule recordings, record, edit, and promote.
Money for promoting and equipment.

Now there are a few ways to attain these two items.  With time it's simple, make it your full time job.  Hopefully I can get to that point some day.  Money can be attained by a few different ways, but sponsorships and donations are the biggest contributors.  

All this to say that in my current stage of podcasting, I need to rely on donations as a source of income to buy more podcasting equipment and invest in ways to promote the podcast.  

If you feel the need to become a Patron of my podcasting, anything is much appreciated.  You are helping me pursue my dream and what I feel like has become a purpose.I hope that would will consider being a patron and donating but at the very least I hope you listen to the podcasts i produce and enjoy them.  

I can't thank you enough for your support!  Be on the lookout for more podcasts and more episodes!
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My first goal is to reach $1,000 for podcasting equipment including new mics, head sets, and sound mixer.  
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