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You´ll receive:
  • All the new music (untagged MP3). You´ll receive a download link to the untagged MP3 version of every new track I put out on Mondays and Thursdays for as long as you remain a Patron (=6 new beats every week).
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You'll receive everything from the $1 reward level, plus:
  • Private Feedback - send me your songs/beats/videos and I´ll make sure to give you a detailed feedback and my honest opinion on whatever you want. 
  • Be the first to receive updates & sneak peeks about current projects
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You'll receive everything from previous reward levels, plus:
  • Commercial licenses for all the beats you get while being a Patron. (which basically equals the purchase of a basic license in my store)
  • All the new music in WAV format. Additionally to the untagged MP3 format you´ll receive a download link to both, the untagged MP3 and untagged WAV file for every single track that I put out on my YouTube channel.




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About Feelo


I´m Feelo, a music producer who´s into all kinds of genres. I upload new music every Monday and Thursday, and by pledging a few bucks each week you can help me to create more and better content. As a patron you´d receive every single beat that I put out for free and without voice tags (around 100 beats a year) + other rewards that you can have a look at over here 👉

So if you want to support me (or if you basically just want the music for your own projects) you´ve come to the right place. This is as cheap as it gets so make sure to save your spot!

Without further ado, thanks for all the amazing support - I appreciate the hell out of you guys!
$138 of $500 per creation
When I reach $500 per month every Patron will receive a personalised coupon code that gives you 30% off on every purchase in my shop (www.feelomusic.com)

The coupon code is applicable to every single purchase for as long as you remain a patron.
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