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I'm making augmented reality VR videos in my own sexy style. I've already started out on my own funding the kit needed and getting a feel of the tech and I'm producing videos on youtube and having lots of fun doing it.

If you want to support me in my efforts this is the place to do it and in return get access to my VIP posts which are high resolution shots and extra video content shorts.Please note that currently only VIP level get access to my still images but I will post videos here before they are public on youtube for tippers. 

My main need currently is extending my green screen area. You will notice the odd 'hands out' in some videos so your support will go on buying a new green screen. Then I plan some costume purchased and I welcome suggestions for costume goals.

Also if you like my content or have suggestions please leave a comment as it helps drive me to keep doing what I'm doing.

Oh and if you do sign up for VIP please make sure you keep the images to yourself. It is how I plan to fund my hobby which is the point of this page and if they go public it reduces their value. As a VIP I will welcome all content suggestions, games to play costumes to wear etc.
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New Green Screen! I need to expand my green screen area to prevent the odd cut off at the edge and improve my movement range.
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