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About Feiloka

Debut EP:
'Eventide' is available on all major platforms. It's a super chill, acoustic, laid back indie folk debut.

About Me:

Feiloka is the stage name for me, a Sydney (AU) based singer songwriter.

My name is Shasha, and I've loved music since before I was born. Did you know that foetuses can hear and register music? Yep I was one of those according to my mum.
After trying out a few instruments throughout my life: recorder (no seriously), keyboards, french horn, I ended up falling for the guitar. In 2010, under the heavy spell of Anaïs Mitchell's Hadestown folk opera, I began to turn the poems and prose I had been writing since I was 15 into songs. And then new songs came. Suddenly playing more than cover songs and learning the guitar felt exhilarating and meditative. I felt purpose driven even though I had little clarity other than 'I need to write and sing this dammit!'. And in 2015 I decided that fear of the stage wasn't going to hold me back any longer, that I will pursue my music dreams.

I make indie folk songs, but I love exploring all genres. I make regular posts about my adventures being a working musician/freelance writer, and sometimes in the form of podcasts that tie everything together. You can find "Sessions with Feiloka" on  iTunes , Spotify and Stitcher.

Releasing on Patreon is a great way for me to reach out and connect to and hear back from the wider community.

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My wider long term goals ...
My main goal is to share my experiences through song and my podcast as a woman, a migrant, and a person of colour – with the hopes that by doing so, I can contribute to diversity and to reach those who can relate and become a voice of change (like everyone can). Diversity, equality are very important to me, I cannot stand idly by. So I do what I can.

My other goal is to meet the financial needs of being a working musician, such as production and equipment running costs, as well as paying the rent and food. And because getting paid for the things I create encourages me to create more!

Not that it will stop me from creating more music. Because it is part of who I am, and without it, I am a depressed unhappy sad blob.

Thanks so much again for being here! I look forward to connecting with you and sharing with you this music filled journey.

x Feiloka

PS. Connect with me on these places too: my websitefacebooktwitterinstagram. See you around!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
Audio releases