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is creating : putting the text in textile art
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About Felicity Griffin Clark

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page! I'm keen to use Patreon to explore the possibilities of collaboration and participation in the creative process. Whether you want to just read about what I'm doing or take an active role in helping me in the studio is up to you!

I often test ideas on Facebook and Instagram friends, or ask them their thoughts on particular issues that I’m working on. But with Patreon I’m really looking forward to having a different level of interaction and connection. I want your input!

So who am I? I am an Australian artist and writer, currently living in Rome. I write fiction and poetry for the love of it, and for money I ghostwrite lifestyle journalism, blog posts and other web content. As an artist I work mostly in textiles, but sometimes branch out into other media. I’ve exhibited all over the world and have had my work published in books and magazines.

I’ve always incorporated text into my work. But now I’m going beyond the decorative to make the text and textile one.

Come along for the ride! And thank you.

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Some basic audio visual tools so I can make studio videos for the page.
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