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About Felines of New York

Why is “Felines of New York” asking for your help?

The short answer:

It takes time and real resources to make good and interesting stuff. The blog grew a lot in its first year, and getting an advance for the book afforded me the time and money to build it up, but that wasn’t going to last forever. So now I’m asking for some monthly donations to keep things going and growing. I want to keep photographing and “interviewing” cats, giving some exposure to rescue cats, and making funny, slightly sarcastic cat stuff that looks really, really good. And BONUS: at the end of each month, I'll be donating 10% of whatever the total is to New York's Feral Cat Initiative.

The long answer:

I started "Felines of New York" as a parody of its popular human counterpart, but it’s become so much more. My intention was to make regular photo posts on the site at least two or three days a week. I was able to do that up until this Spring, thanks to the book advance and some other freelance work.

I was offered a short-term job as a video producer/editor back in April and I had to take it. This meant I wasn’t able to photograph cats and keep things going as I’d planned. I had a lot more material in the works that was put on hold so I could work and pay my rent in this magically exhausting, fantastically expensive city.

That’s where the Patreon comes in. My goal was to keep the site and videos mostly ad-free, post content regularly, and promote adoption. Because of my schedule the last few months, I couldn’t do that. That job just ended, and now I want to give more time and energy to photographing, and talking for cats. You all seem to enjoy it, and I like seeing you enjoy it, so let’s keep doing it.

Maintaining this site takes real time and resources. I actually go to people’s houses all over New York City, and photograph their cats. The Humans of New York guy just goes to a park or a parade and finds a ton of people at once. Until cats have parks and parades, I’ll have to keep taking my cat photos the old-fashioned way: one apartment at a time. I want to keep posting cat photos. I want to maintain our Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube channels properly. I’ve also got a lot more video sitting on my hard drive waiting to be edited and published.

There’s a few monthly subscription tiers, which I think are pretty reasonable. You can give as little as one dollar a month, and it would help immensely. I’m going to spread the love a bit by donating ten percent of what you give each month to New York’s Feral Cat Initiative. That’ll help the people who give food, shelter, and medical care to the feral cat population of New York. So you’ll be helping me, and them.

Thanks so much to all of you who have been fans of the site since the beginning, and thanks to those who bought the book. If you feel like helping out, it would be greatly appreciated! I have to go now, my cats are circling me and being incredibly affectionate, which means its time to feed them.

(and Bea & Arthur)
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To celebrate our first milestone, I will make a video thanking the you first-wave subscribers by reading your names aloud to my cats Bea & Arthur.
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