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Femagogy Zine is an opportunity for educators to publish their creative work. We have been publishing poetry, fiction and non-fiction by Australian writers for over 18 months, and have steadily built a solid readership. 

We firmly believe in paying writers and artists for their labour. Femagogy Zine currently pays 5 cents per word, to a maximum of $50. This is a token amount and we wish we could pay more, however, at this point in the development of our zine we pay our contributors from our own pockets. 

As our readership has grown, so too has the amount of submissions we receive. Unfortunately, because our budget is quite small, we can only accept a small number for publication. 

We would love to accept more submissions in each issue, and our goal is pay our contributors more substantially, reflecting the true value of creative work. We hope our Patreon will provide us with the funds to support teachers' writing into the future. 

If you have read, shared, liked, subscribed, engaged with or connected to our zine, we welcome your support. Our goal is to make Femagogy Zine a sustainable creative pursuit that continues to welcome and support teachers' creative work.

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