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About Feona Lee Jones

Welcome to My Patreon Channel!

My name is Feona Lee Jones. I am a composer, pianist, and educator and I specialize in making educational music lessons, piano covers, and original music. I also do other things such as hand analysis, but for this channel I will mainly focus on music. 

What is Patreon? 

Patreon is an online platform that allows people to support and sustain my artistic vision and freedom to create music, lessons, and other interesting stuff. All the content I release will always be free, but if you want to give back a little, now you can :)  

How Does Patreon Work? 

This VIDEO explains how it all works. Essentially you give Patreon your credit card or debit card and depending on which tier you want to join, you will be charged that amount at the end of every month. You will be charged ONCE per month. So whether I upload four videos or twenty you get charged the same amount. For example, if you sign up at the $5 level, no matter how much I post, you will only ever be charged $5 per month.

Why Should You Become a Patron?

When you are a Patron, you see behind the scenes, have a hand in shaping the content I release with your input and suggestions. Right now, I play, compose, and teach privately, but I am eager to contribute to a larger audience and Patreon is what will allow me to do this. I have a long lineage of teachers that have shaped my playing, composing, and teaching and I feel compelled to share this information with you!

There are millions of other people on Patreon making music instruction videos, piano covers, and original music—why invest in my channel?

#1 My art fuses genres together. I’ve studied Classical Piano, North Indian classical music, improvisation, Western Art music, experimental electronic music, and synth pop

#2 My art has heart. My original work embodies painful histories of my family and the hardships they had to overcome such as 1950s in China and their transition to the United States.

#3 My art has been through a journey. It’s a long story, but I used to think I needed to be in a romantic partnership to help me write music. Many years later, I realized I didn’t need anyone to help me. I could do it myself.

What Will Patrons Get?

My philosophy is that this Patreon channel is all about the music. It doesn’t matter which tier you are on, everyone will receive the same content on a regular basis. 50% of the content I produce will be of piano covers, 25% will be original music, 20% will be educational music lessons, and the last 5% will be other cool interesting stuff! My goal is to deliver my music and lessons to everyone for free. The way I can sustainably create this content on a regular basis is if I am able to accumulate enough patrons.

Why Do I Need Patrons?

Making these videos is like having a full-time job: I learn the music, compose music, research, write drafts of the script, record myself, edit the videos, mix the sound, and upload. I love giving back and contributing in a way that is accessible by everyone, but at the same time, it takes more time than you think to put these materials out there.

By becoming a Patron, you are making the music accessible to everyone. In return, I will acknowledge your support by including your name in the video credits of all videos you support. I do music because I want to share it with the world and I feel it should be free to everyone. I want to create and be free from commercial interest and writing music for money. I want to share my own unique voice through my music.

The Caveat

I can’t survive doing this purely on goodwill, as nice as that would be. Patrons are what will allow me to create music free of charge.

Why Are All the Tiers the Same?

My goal is to release my music to everyone. Whether you pay $1 or $50, you are considered a supporter of my work and allowing my music to be free of charge. A dollar a month goes just as far as $50 a month in helping me continue to make music and educational videos. I am grateful for each and every pledge. Your gifts allow me to contribute my time and energy to creating. Even just a small pledge gives you my eternal gratitude.


 Since this channel is brand new, all of this is subject to change, and I may update the tiers accordingly

In addition, I have some GOALS, and once they are reached, everyone will receive the following:

Once I reach 25 PATRONS, those 25 patrons will receive a handwritten personally made postcard.

Once I reach 50 PATRONS, those 50 patrons will receive a digital download of my solo piano music book, “Water For Notes.”

Once I reach 100 PATRONS, those 100 patrons will participate in a voting system to chose a topic for me to cover in a longer (30min) video.

That pretty much sums it up. Thank you for visiting my channel!


Other Stuff!

If you want to learn more about Patreon, check out the Patron Q&A page.
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Once I reach 25 PATRONS, those 25 patrons will receive a handwritten personally-made postcard sent to their mailbox!
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