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You enter a narrow alley between two buildings. There is bioluminescent moss and lichen growing on the walls around a poster, illuminating it. You step closer to look at the poster. A screenprinted skeleton dances against a black field of stars, spine and ribcage radiant with flowering vines. Gilded words breathlessly proclaim the imminent arrival of a circus in town. There is no time or location to be found anywhere on the poster.

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The posters slowly began to appear all over the city. Nobody knew where they came from. Nobody ever saw anyone putting them up, not even the lamplighters. They hung on the grey stones above the canals, garish blocks of color burning vivid in the gloam. The children saw and delighted mindlessly. The old people saw but did not understand. The moths saw and understood. 

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You are waiting. There is a puddle like a black mirror in the empty lot. It reflects the neon glow of the nearby liquor store’s sign with preternatural stillness. A face slowly rises out of the water, gleaming wet and dark like a river stone. It opens its mouth to speak, and fireflies spill out.

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About Bex

Fever Dreams of the City that Never Was
is a queer graphic novel about the psychogeography of a city that becomes sentient. It’s born out of my love of the new weird/speculative fiction, and that feeling you get when it’s after 2 am and all the bars have closed, but you’re not sleepy, so you drift aimlessly with a friend through the quiet, foggy streets.

The City sleeps, and the City dreams. Her mind is vast and fractured and beautiful. She contains multitudes, as do all of the souls living within her. The story begins with a young deaf boy trying to survive alone in the bizarre and brutal world of the Sleeping City.

The first volume of Fever Dreams is intended to stand on its own, as well as serve as the first in a series of interconnected stories. Half of it is completely inked already, and the first 20 pages have been colorized. I’ve been thinking about this story for fully half of my life, and it’s one of my dreams to get it into print. Your support will go a long way towards helping me finish the other half of this book, and continue working on volumes beyond. Backing my Patreon also ensures access to exclusive patron-only content: PDF copies of the first 20 pages, blog posts, process notes & photos, work-in-progress pages & concept art, sketchbook pages, and stand-alone comics.

If you aren't familiar with me/my work, you can read low-res versions of the first 20 pages of Fever Dreams at!

Thank you all so much for joining me for a wander through the City. 
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With your help, when I reach $800 per month, I'll be able to cover monthly rent for my small artist's studio as well as cover a good chunk of my regular rent. This will free up so much more of my time and resources which can then be devoted to cranking out more comic pages and finishing the book. Thank you so much for your support.
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