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About Francesco Gadaleta

Hey guys!
I am Francesco Gadaleta, PhD researcher in machine learning, applied math and computer programming.

Machine learning is more and more changing the way many problems get solved today, in several domains from finance, to healthcare, social media, logistics... you name it.
A few years ago I started a podcast about machine learning that I called, now also a blog.

As reading, writing and recording episodes is very time consuming, publishing an episode became more and more a part time job if not more. In addition bandwidth, storage, internet services and especially post-production come with additional costs.

As finding sponsors only partially solves the issue and they usually influence content, I chose not to add any to the episodes of Data Science at Home and publish content freely.
However, I need to outsource post-production and publication services. That would definitely keep me focused on content and writing scripts, speeding up the process of delivering the great content that you might benefit from.

By being my patron you will join my exclusive community of machine learning experts who deal with data related challenges on a daily basis.

Thanks you!
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