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About Friedrich Hospitality Foundation

Hospitality knows no boundaries. It is from this attitude that the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation emerged. Our non-profit organization has set itself the goal of laying the foundations for sound education in the hospitality industry and providing a career perspective for socially disadvantaged people. The cornerstone that we are laying today for the next generation can lead to a secure job tomorrow – and is the foundation for a better life. Our support measures range from the awarding of individual scholarships to the construction and operation of hotel management schools.
In this way, we help young adults on their way to self-determination. We attach great importance to the sustainability of our support. Therefore, we are anxious to also strengthen local development by tourism as an economic engine. Because traveling helps. At the same time, we counteract the shortage of skilled workers in the hospitality industry.
We are proud of our profession and the values it conveys: helpfulness, cordiality, tolerance and diligence, to name but a few. Through our profession, we have learned for life on many different levels and we want to give the next generation the chance to gain this experience as well. That is why it is very important to us to cultivate and invigorate the culture of hospitality through the promotion of young talent – on a professional and idealistic level.
For the future of the industry and for the future of the individual.

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