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About Kaiera

"A little glimmer of hope will shine across the land for as long as there will be someone to help them along the way." - Kaiera Romero
<< [ Twitter | DeviantArt | FurAffinity | InkBunny | YouTube ] >>

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Greetings~! 💛

My name is Kaiera. (It's a pen name!)
I am a self-proclaimed artist, animator, composer and a game developer... a multimedia artist, if you will~!

I'm working hard to make a series I made called Furria Series: Project Fia, a set of projects planned since 2008 only started set in motion since 2018! It's a science fiction-fantasy mixture set in the world of Fiagia that tells the stories and lives of its inhabitants, mainly the species Typyl!

In my free time, I do make artwork and animations that I think most of us seems to love~! 💛

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💛 About the Patreon:

One of the things that I wanted to do for me and for people is to enjoy and give out my works for free whenever possible, doing what I love to do~!

So if you support me, not only you're helping me out and supporting my work, but also helping me out progress of the series itself! Trying to spend much of my time on it as much as possible thanks to your efforts!!

It's crazy, but I am trying to make Furria straight out from college and not going into a job. Let's make that happen, shall we?

💛 Supporting Kaiera~

I do want to tell stories and show my works for free and accessible for everyone~! I never want to place my stories and art behind a pay wall to survive!!

But, I am asking you to pay me for what you think I'm worth to you~

I really do believe in the work I do and that's important enough for me to entertain without having any constraints so I can do it for everyone. Should this be my full-time job, I'll be able to dedicate all of my time showing what I can do for everyone and hopefully help me improve a lot more cooler and greater content.... and if it's possible for me in the future, help along charities through events!

So if you believe that you like what I do so far, then please consider supporting me here on Patreon.... or if you want to do it one-time, you can give me enough for coffee at least~

• 🔸 • 🔸 • 🔸 • 🔸 • 🔸 | 🔶 | 🔸 • 🔸 • 🔸 • 🔸 • 🔸 •

Minimum Commission Discount for 10% and above is $8 despite going lower.
64% complete
At this point, I'm actually earning minimum wage in my local area! I will be dedicating all of my time in my projects from here on out, as long as we can keep the $400+
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