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The Fice Fam always love any appreciates and support from the community no matter how big or small the donations and to show a HUGE thank you when someone donates something over a dollar. There name will get displayed on the sponsors shout out page during the stream! Everything you guys do to support means a lot so from the fice fam this is our way of saying Thank you! <3
Sponsor Tier 1 (Sponsors Chat, Sponsor Shoutout)
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Thank you for helping support the fice fam to continue to make them move towards a successful future. In this tier you have access to an exclusive access chat called "Sponsors" on the discord server. This chat takes highest priority for The Fice and he will be the most transparent in communication and talk here majority of the time vs all the other chats. If you want to have a direct lifeline to the Fice this is the place to be! Also because you a dedicated supporter of the Fice Fam. Your name will also be placed in a shout out page when The Fice creates videos on youtube. You want your name to be eternally placed in a fice fam videos heres your chance! (not bad for 4.99 right? ^_^ )
Includes Discord benefits
Sponsor Tier 2 (Sponsors Chat, Poll)
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Like the content? Love to hangout? Wish you were able to help dictate whats the next thing we can do on stream?Have no fear Fice Polls are here! Not only do you all the perks listed in the previous tier but In this tier, you can also vote on the next game you would like to see Fice play when he posts 3-5 games up on the poll! Come decide The Fice Family's next fate!
Includes Discord benefits




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Hey whats up guys! Thank you for stopping by and checkout out our Patreon page! This is the page where you are able to show your love and support to help keep the channel going and improving. In the process of aiding in creating amazing video game content as well on content of variety of other things there are a bunch of perks i would love to give back as a thank you for showing love and appreciation. I hope you enjoy all the content that we are developing and decide to support us so we can continue to do so! Thank you so much guys and I love you guys tons! <3

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