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About field noise

Field Noise is a podcast about sound and its role in our everyday lives.

Listening feels personal, but it is deeply shaped by our culture, politics, and history. Though we share our sonic environment with those around us, we don’t all hear the same things in the same ways.

At the most basic level, sound is a vibration traveling through the air. It can be transcendent and beautiful. But anyone who has been told to shut up or raised their voice in protest knows sound can also be about power.

As a producer, I'm personally interested in music and sound design, but the Field Noise podcast is more concerned with the sounds of daily life, from speech-to-text technologies for the blind to jet noise over small cities. And I'm here on Patreon because I want to the podcast to ad free. Lend me your ears first, and your money if you can—it'll be worth it.
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MORE VOICES! It's impossible for me to travel all over the world to record my guests in person. But it is possible to get those guests into studios, or hire reporters to record them, no matter where they live. Meeting this goal will help me pay two freelancers (at fair rates) each month to keep the show sonically and thematically diverse. Support this goal by joining one of our monthly tiers.
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