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About fiji

HEY, if you're here from the link on my twitch channel and you're considering donating to the stream I would like to say thank you in advance! This Patreon was made so that if a genuine supporter of mine would like to support the stream, that this would be the place to do it. You do not have to donate to me but if you do you will have a place in my heart and my stream forever, you will not be forgotten. If you don't know who I am, I'm fiji. I stream games a lot on twitch and post a lot of content on my active twitter and instagram profiles. I love fortnite like everyone else and play pretty much any other game I want to. Maybe stop by a stream some time? 

$0 of $60 per month
when i reach $60 from supporters i can buy a logitech webcam for the stream, upgrades bb :)
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